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Individual Empowerment Index

This Individual Empowerment Index Calculator is a tool designed to evaluate the level of empowerment an individual possesses based on various social and personal factors.

The calculator takes into account several important factors such as:

  • Number of close connections in high positions: Having friends in high positions can often open doors and provide opportunities which can contribute to your social capital.

  • Number of acquaintances in your contacts: Having a helpful network of people you can reach out to when you need help and information or leads is critical for building your reach. A broad network of acquaintances can also enhance your social capital by expanding your influence.

  • Active involvement in community or social groups: Being actively involved in your community can strengthen your social ties and thus, your social capital. This involves being a member of a community based group or volunteering or donating to certain public events or simply being an active voice relating to community issues. 

  • Level of education: Higher levels of education are often correlated with higher social capital due to increased opportunities for networking and the development of valuable skills.

  • Level of wealth: Wealth can influence your social capital as it can affect your lifestyle, the people you interact with, and the opportunities available to you.

  • Health Status: Good health is a crucial factor in allowing you to actively participate in social activities and form connections, while poor health or disabilities can limit these opportunities.

  • Criminal record: A criminal record may decrease social trust and hence lower social capital.

  • Faith: Faith can contribute substantially to the formation of personal moral criteria and sound moral judgment. This, in turn, can foster trust and cooperation in your social networks, thereby contributing to your social capital.

  • Business Ownership: Being a business owner and being your own boss means you have more control over your time and personal decisions. That is the essence of empowerment. 


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